Jaroslav Šůla, The History of Constituency Divisions of Společnost Přátel Lužice in Hradec Kralove in years 1933 – 1939.

It was in Hradec Kralove where Adolf Cerny – the first Czech sorabist who became a lector of Sorbian language at the Karol University in Prague (1901) - was born. Many cultural activists came from Lusatia to visit him there. A marvellous ceremony of his sixtieth birthday held in |Hradec Kralove was an impetus for estabilshing culural contacts of the citizens and the people from further region which in the end led to creation of the Constituency Division of Česko-lužicky spolek „Adolf Černý“ in Prague (later called Společnost přátel Lužice).

During the interwar era many Sorbian students studied in Hradec Kralove; Bjarnat Krawc visited frequently; delegations from Lusatia were arriving - as well as the other way round – people fom Hradec Kralove also often visited Higher and Lower Lusatia. The author mentions the actions organised by Constituency Division, lists the names of its agents. Apart from the basic division, also the student's one has been created. Established contacts were destroyed by the Nazi occupation and the Second World War. Although the Constituency Division was recereated for a short period and disappeared shortly after 1948. However, up until the present day the Czech – Lusatian contacts are of great influence but they depend on the attitude of the young generation, mainly university students.