Tomasz Derlatka, Jan Skala's Stary Symko - Sorbian litererary masterpiece or a simple minor work?

The article tries to provide an answer to the question wether Jan Skala's work is a true masterpiece of sorbian literature (as it is being described by Sorbian scolars) or it represents rather minor litererary qualities. The basis for describing Stary Symko's real lliterary value were gathered from 1) comparison of editions published until now 2) the stylistic analisys of the work 3) it's formal partition (along with an effort of describing it's proper genealogical belonging). The research showed that Stary Symko is unsuccessful as a literary work and therefore it is necessary to reconsider it's meaning for 1) J. Skala's writings 2) Sorbian prose 3) sorbian literature. The research conducted until the present day should be considered as biased and demeritorious.