Gert Kral, We Respect Jan Skala

The author of the article recalls the most significant acts of commemorations of Jan Skala that took place in Lusatia and in the region of Namyslow. Among the most important are: the statue by Rudolf Enderlein, unveiled in 1965, which was a gift from Domowina tothe city of Namyslow, Jan Skala's torso in Njebjelcice and the grave in the cementary in Dziedzice. Also, in Dziedzice and Budziszyn the memomrial boards can be found. In 1979 in Namyslow the Jan Skala's memorial chamber has opened. Jan Skala's name was given to the primary school in Wlochy, kindergarten in Njebjelcice, student's Zupa Domowina's well as to a street in Budziszyn and a square in Namyslow.