Jan Morawiak, Jan Skala in Namyslow

Jan Skala (born 17 of June 1889) was one of the most outstanding representative of the Sorbian population in the twentieth century. During last years of his life was connected with the city of Namyslow with whom had already been in contact earlier (relatives of his wife lived in Dziedzice and in Wlochy). In January 1944, as the result of bombing of Berlin, Skala came to Dziedzice. He started to work in "Elektroakustik" factory, in spare time cooperating with the polish National Army (to July 1944). Died in tragic circumstances, accidentally shot by Russian Red Army soldier (January 22, 1945). He was buried nearby Wlochy. The memory of Jan Skala is not lost thanking to the efforts of Towarzystwo Milosnikow Ziemi Namyslowskiej members.