Stanislaw Slawomir Nicieja, Prof. Leszek Kuberski, Researcher of Sorbian History and Galician industrialists

The article presents the life work of Leszek Kuberski (1956- 2006), prematurely late professor of the History Departament of University of Opole, in the field of Sorbian studies as well as his biographical research on Polish industrialists. Prof. Leszek Kuberski died at the age of fifty. He was an eminent Polish expert on the Sorbian history. The article discusses his major works but focuses mainly on his greatest achivement - Jan Skala's biography. Jan Skala was the Sorbian leader, killed by Russians in 1945. This subject remained taboo in Polish historiography for years. Author also mentions articles and critical reviews about Sorbian history. He analyzes Prof. Kuberski's most extensive biographical study devoted to Stanisław Szczepanowski, distinguished politician, publicist and trade activist, known as 'Polish king of kerosene'