Dietrich Scholze-Solta, The Death in Lower Silesia. Tragedy of the Sorbian Writer Jan Skala

The article discusses Skala's achievements as a journalist, poet and writer. His journalistic activity that concentrated on the problem of minority, granted him worldwide recognition. He reached the top of his political and journalistic activity while working as an editor in "Kulturwehr". His poetic writings revolved around the subject of national relations as well as an affection towards his mother, wife and child. Among the sparse attempts in prose Stary Symko may be considered as the most significant. Skala's style was easy to understand and accessible. At first he followed the instructions of Cisinski which made his poetry rather traditional in character. However, his love poetry embraced sophisticated vocabulary and locutions of various poetic forms. According to some, he could have easily become the leading Sorbian author of the interwar era. Still, Skala was the politician and journalist in the first place. Die nationalen Minderheiten im Deutschen Reich und ihre rechtliche Situation of the work cowritten with Dutch writer, Julius Bogensee and published in German, attained international approval.