Edmund Pjech, From the History of Sorbian Scientific Journals

In 1847 the Sorbian scientific society „Macica Serbska” was established. In the same year the independent scientific journal entitled „Časopis Towarstwa Maćicy Serbskeje“ was launched. Two issues appeared each year. Until August 1937 „Časopis Towarstwa Maćicy Serbskeje“ had 170 issues. When the print of „Serbskie Nowiny” and other Sorbian magazines was prohibited so was the print of Sorbian scientific journal . In 1951 in Bautzen the Institute „za serbski ludospyt” was established. One year later, Sorbian scientific journal started to appear again under the title „Lětopis”. During the next decades of its lifetime, the journal was divided into three series: „Lětopis A” devoted to linguistics and literature, two issues appeared each year; „Lětopis B” which published papers concerned with history, which also had two yearly issues; „Lětopis C” devoted to folklore, appeared once a year. In 1992 the Sorbian Institute with a unit in Cottbus was created. „Lětopis” was changed into the journal devoted to Sorbian language, history and culture, which means that the it presents the full array of Sorbian studies’ disciplines. For the past 20 years the journal has been appearing two times a year. Apart from „Lětopis” there is also a Sorbian social – cultural magazine entitled „Rozhlad”, where the materials devoted to culture are published, along with short scientific papers. Another Sorbian journal, „Sorapis”, a publishing initiative of Sorbian Institute in Leipzig, which has been appearing since 2002.