Dalibor Sokolović, „Srbska Lužica” - ephemera of the sorabistic periodical press in the Balkans

First permanent cultural and political ties between the South Slavs and Lusatian Sorbs were established in mid-nineteenth century and to the early decades of the twentieth century reached its peak. One concrete result of increased interest in the South Slavs scientific community in events in Lusatia during the period after World War I was issuing of „Srbska Lužica” in June 1934. According to plans „Srbska Lužica” was supposed to come out once a month, and acquaint Yugoslav people with the national, cultural, political, economic and social life of Lusatian Sorbs. The journal was published by consortium „Srbska Lužica”, whose representative was Joze Lavrič. The journal was printed at the printing company Slovenija, for its editors was elected Vekoslav Bučar. V. Bučar belonged to the yugoslav academic workers who in the decades between two world wars, often visited Lusatian Sorbs in their homeland and later transmitted their impressions to the compatriots through various publications, continuing the pioneering work of Josip Milaković, Leonard Leopold and others. Journal on its 16 pages brings, among other things, report from the visit of at that time 74-year-old sorbian composer Bjarnat Krawc in yugoslav cities, short sorbian folk stories translated into slovenian language, Bjarnat Krawc’s article on life and work of the first sorbian composer Korla August Kocor, the latest news from Lusatia, review of sorabistic events across Europe, information on yugoslav publications about Lusatian Sorbs in the early decades of the twentieth century. The first issue of „Srbska Lužica” came out in June 1934, it was planned the second number to come out on July 13th of that same year. Unfortunately, this did not happen then, or any time later. The reasons that led to this end may at present only be speculated.