Renata Bura, K. B. Pufl’s Dictionary as a Source of Knowledge of Upper Lusatian Lexicon’s Development

Łužiski serbski słownik by Křesćan Bohuwěr Puful was published in 1866. It was a product of Lusatian national awakening and became the first real scientific work on Upper Lusatian lexis. The dictionary describes the development of Upper Lusatian lexis during the time of national awakening (mostly during 40’ and 50’). It also presents linguistic tendencies of the time, such as borrowings from other Slavic languages (mostly Czech) or creation of neologisms. All those processes are evidence for conscious efforts to revive and enrich Upper Lusatian lexis. Pufl’s dictionary is a picture of a 19th century revival of Upper Lusatian literary language. It is also valuable source of knowledge of the language’s history.