Tadeusz Lewaszkiewicz, Sorabica in the Slavia Occidentalis yearbook (1921-2017)

Between 1921 and 2017, the Slavia Occidentalis yearbook published in Poznań featured 126 texts related to Sorabian studies: 78 articles, 43 reviews/discussions, 1 report and 4 obituaries. The articles discussed the following topics: 1. Lusatian literature and folklore (8), 2. Lusatian culture and cultural and research relationships between Lusatians and Slavs (11), 3. Lusatian history and present national situation, 4. anthropology (1), 5. Sorbian language studies (partly against a Slavic background) (52). Linguists whose publications had the largest impact on the development of Sorbian language studies include A. Muka, H. Schuster-Šewc, L. I. Rojzenzon and R. Bura.