Piotr Pałys - Alojzy Stanisław Matyniak (1945-1999) - Founder and President of Friends of Lusatia Academic Society

Alojzy Stanisław Matyniak’s interest in Lusatia dates back to the pre-War period when he was just a high school student in Krotoszyn. After the War he started studies at the Poznań University where he established the Friends of Lusatia Academic Society - an organisation which later gained national status. Matyniak, apart from his organisational work in academic circles, was also active in high schools. Friends of Lusatia Academic Society promoted the idea of Lusatian independence. Matyniak established contact with representatives of the Sorbian National Board as well as with Anti Fascist Association of Lusatian Sorbs Domovina. When the Lusatian issue was acknowledged as Germany’s internal affair, Polish authorities stopped supporting the Society’s structures. In May 1949 Matyniak was arrested for a few months but this incident had no connection with his activity in favour of Lusatia. In the years to follow his interests in Sorabistics were purely of academic and popularizational character.