Tadeusz Lewaszkiewicz - Jaroměr Henrich Imiš (1819-1897) and his “Der Panslawismus, unter den sächsischen Wenden (...)” (1884) (against the backdrop of 19th century Slavophilia)

In the 19th century, many Lusatians were proponents of the Slavic reciprocity idea. Contacts were flourishing especially with Russian Slavicists visiting Lusatian lands. Since the mid-19th century, the German press published numerous articles and remarks in which Lusatians were charged with pro-Russian political sympathies and accused of receiving money from Russia for cultural and personal purposes via secret channels. Accusations of deriving personal benefits were pointed at J. A. Smoler. In a brochure published in 1884, J. H. Imiš disputes the view, espoused by the German press and public opinion, that Lusatians are adherents of pan-Slavism who support Russian political and cultural supremacy over the entire Slavdom.